The other shoe?

The relative peace in Iraq comes with a deadly caveat – what happens when former Sunni insurgents stop getting payments from the U.S. governments and aren’t hired into the Iraqi military?

When that shoe drops, the big picture in Iraq will come into focus.

Members of the Sunni Awakening were bribed into the nationalistic Shiite government years ago to help stop the rampant sectarian violence. Now, with only five percent being placed in the military, the Sunnis have voiced disappointment with being left out of the government, according to Tuesday’s New York Times.

If the Sunnis return to fighting the Shiites, all assumed progress in the war – and reason for the removal of American troops in 2011 – is lost.

In another sign of assumed progress in Iraq, Baghdad will become a “walled fortress,” with four major and 18 minor checkpoints entering the capital, said Thursday’s New York Times.

A bright spot – across the Atlantic

Once British troops leave Iraq in July, a government inquiry into the justification for entering the war will commence, BBC radio reported Wednesday.

The Tank welcomes vetting of the Iraq war – if only it could happen on this side of the Atlantic.



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