Vampire slayer finds darkness

TV anchor Dylan Ratigan spit the truth on the economic crisis before CNBC spit him out.

One of the fiercest critics of Wall Street left the financial network last week, but not before he called bankers “vampires” and their actions “stealing.” Ratigan said it was a match between “idiot bankers and moronic lending standards.”

Here’s a poignant video clip about how increases in leveraging risk went from 15-1 (15 times the risk to the amount of reserves) to a whopping 40-1:

Hope to see you soon elsewhere, vampire slayer.



5 responses to “Vampire slayer finds darkness

  1. For the record, just a complete blowhole. Though thank God people like him exist because it allows smart people to exploit the stupidity he professes and capitalize on it.

  2. Intellectual Pickpocket

    Talk to me when you go on a rant before the problem, not AFTER.. Wow, Here is a prediction for ya.. I think Charlie Brown will say “Good Grief” tomorrow.. Where were you when the CDS market went from 3 Trillion in 2003 to 69 Trillion in 2007? What a slayer you are… Just another bumpkin clouding up the Airwaves. My final prediction. He ends up on The Bachelorette or Dancing with the Stars.

  3. So I get axed for telling the truth. What are you a toadie for Dylans Destroyers? He IS a blowhole in the truest sense of the word. Nothing comes up but regurgitation and air.

  4. Intellectual Pickpocket

    Ratigan is a shill!

  5. Dylan appeared smart but made the fatal error of forgetting that he was an employee. If he’s truly smart, he will create a business opportunity out of all of this. Why be at the mercy of others for your livelihood? He made Fast Money fun and informative. I don’t watch much anymore. The spark is gone.

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