Gates around a theory

Not so fast, Robert Gates.

The U.S. Defense Secretary — and, to a larger extent, the Obama administration — tried to fool you Tuesday by lauding their hard stance on the F-22 fighter jet program.

robert gates

The warmongerers said the move to cut the $1.7 billion expansion showed their efforts to rein in military spending, but a day earilier they had pushed the $1 billion expansion of the army by 22,000 members.

Robert Gates and Bush

Gates called it essentially a trade-off, but spending will increase further with a multiplier effect placed on the added “temporary” fighters.

There will undoubtedly be other authorizations to train and equip them, and who believes the Department of Defense, i.e. the Department of War, will shrink its ranks in the future?

The endless wars and the military industrial congressional complex rage on.



One response to “Gates around a theory

  1. phillip webster

    if it wernt for the so called department of war esentialy none of this would exist, this being the government we have no matter how messed up it is, the department of defence has done their job so far, we can all still speak any language we choose, worship who or what ever we want. we can do these and many other things without fear of ending up in a state opperated political prisoners camp.

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