Bachmann unknowingly speaks truth about Favre

After all her lunacy, Michele Bachmann has finally spoken the truth.

The Minnesota congresswoman was following her constituents and their goo-goo affection of Brett Favre in Purple when she opined about the quarterback on Sean Hannity’s radio show Tuesday.

She had joined the giddy masses in all but erecting a Favre statue outside the Metrodome when, unbeknownst to her, she tossed out this pearl of wisdom:  “It’s like when John Unitas came out of retirement!”

The gunslinger in Wranglers

The gunslinger in Wranglers

Oh, Michele, you’re so right and you don’t even know it. Unitas, who spent a legendary career with the Baltimore Colts, won one of five games in a last-ditch season with the San Diego Chargers.

Here are some stats to preempt the statue construction: No quarterback at the age of 40 or older has led a team to the playoffs. Favre, who will turn 40 in October, is already hurt with a partially torn rotator cuff. And No. 4 is 12 years removed from his last MVP season in 1997.  

[Full disclosure: Bachmann’s breath of fresh air came amid a wacko interview where she expressed how she will fight health care reform because it’s “government control of her body.” She soon went back to her old self.]



One response to “Bachmann unknowingly speaks truth about Favre

  1. Do you think Bachmann at any point in time thinks about her “government control of her body” rant and connects the dots to pro-life, DOMA, “don’t ask, don’t tell”, government-funded abstinence-only, anti-stem cell research positions of the right and recognizes her blatant hypocrisy?

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