Like that is the answer

Politicians can be so painfully predictable — and cowardly.

Congressmen, such as Sen. Chris Dodd on new financial regulation, seek more government to make themselves look good, like they did something to help their constituents.

In this case, Dodd wants a “super-regulator.” Like that is the answer. (See: Homeland Security.)

Obama, in his emerging style, is trying to rush, rush, rush legislation through to his signature, like he is changing things. (As Jon Stewart so aptly pointed out, why is this debate in the present tense? It should have been hashed out at least six months ago when the economy was in ruin.)

The cowardly part is that neither plan — not Dodd’s consolidation of regulators such as the Fed and FDIC,  or Obama’s, which in another emerging style, doesn’t have a focus — take the lobbyists and big business out of the equation and support me and you.



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