Misdirected criticism

Anyone that jumps on Barack Obama’s win of the Nobel Peace Prize as an opportunity to criticize the president is nothing but a partisan hack.

First and foremost, he does not deserve the award. That is clear. 

The nomination process ended two weeks into his term. He was inaccurately credited with nuclear nonproliferation and outreach to the Muslim world. 

The Nobel committee should wait until he actually accomplishes something — i.e., cutting nuclear arms in half, pullout of Iraq, negotiations with Iran. They have three years to see if he is successful. No need to rush.

The criticism lies with the Nobel committee. Plain and simple.

Instead, you can be sure to hear from hacks such as your neighborhood staunch conservative to commentator Michael Savage. They will no doubt lambaste this as the another example of anointing him as king.

They gang tackle because it’s easy — not because it’s right.



3 responses to “Misdirected criticism

  1. It seems like they awarded him this prestigious honor out of spite for Bush. Let’s not forget that before Bush got re-elected polls showed that Norway was the biggest haters. Coincidence that the Norwegian Parliament elects the Nobel committee or that Obama will recieve the award in Oslo? Nice piece Grede!

  2. Since its inception only 6 people have refused Nobel prizes. 3 of them were Germans and banned from excepting the prize by Hitler. Another was a Russian living under soviet rule who feared a reprisal from his government. The other two, Jean-Paul Sartre and Lu Duc Tho turned it down on principles. Obama shouldn’t get criticized for the award, he was probably as surprised as anyone one. He should still get criticized for expanding the Afghan-Pakistan theater and for not ending the occupation of Iraq. He should be criticized for the expanding US military pressense in Latin America and his refusal to stand up to Israeli hardliners. He should be criticized for caving to the banks and for lack of a real health care plan for everyone.


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