Don’t look kids

“Hey, Suzzie, do you see Minnie Mouse! … And, Bobby, over there is Goofy!” says an energetic Dad to his impressionable young children.

“Oh, no,” Suzzie howls. “Who is that man in the orange suit and black mask?”

Bansky Disney Gitmo

In a stroke of utmost juxtaposition, Banksy, a one-of-a-kind artist, put this figure of a Guantanamo inmate near a Disneyland ride.

Now, picking back up the story:

The startled Dad stammers for a few seconds and mumbles, “Oh, that is just one of the bad guys.”

[But Dad should have said, “Oh, that’s an in-your-face reminder of how the U.S. government purports freedom only to hold hundreds of men for years in Cuba without any charges against them.”]



One response to “Don’t look kids

  1. Is this the Disney in Florida or California? I always get those two mixed up. Anyway I would say its about time for these images to begin to appear in our popular consciousness, maybe that way they will have an affect and force US citizens to open their eyes to what their government is doing in their name… Or maybe it will just become so common place that the images drift into the background because ‘people’ in orange suits and black hoods will be everywhere. You ever watch that movie ‘The Road to Guantanamo”? Pretty disturbing stuff.

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