Humility found through lies

When the Tank was busy mocking Michele Bachmann, T-Paw and Palin (I smell an upcoming Swine!), seedier spinsters were successfully weaving a mystique around Ronald Reagan.

It turns out, all robot Republicans flock like morons to Reagan’s brand of fiscal conservatism and how trickle down economics and prosperity benefited everyone during his illustrious eight-year presidency.

Unbeknownst to this moron and, obviously, all robots Republicans, Reagan ran deficits throughout his presidency, the Star Tribune taught me Sunday. (Buy a newspaper or the terrorists win, so says Jim Souhan.)

Furthermore, so has every president since 1961, including Obama’s projections to near Reagan levels of two to four percent of GPD come 2012.

It — thankfully — awoke some skepticism in the Tank.

The gullibility was exposed again Wednesday with news of the major airlines peddling carbon offsets. It turns out the “offsets” are more like carbon ticks, carbon scratches or carbon bruises.

At prices of, say, $4 the airlines say you are offsetting the emission of your flight, but according to a New York Times source, it would have to be $200 or $300 for a flight from London to New York.

The lesson: Instead of looking at those claims with a keen eye, the Tank bought them as fact and caught a much-needed case of humility. (A humility that will last until it comes to the All-American moose hunter from Alaska. I’ll be back to cut her down shortly.)



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