Dad ripped off by NCAA

The NCAA hides behind the BCS.

As it makes millions on the backs of kids, the NCAA also rigs the system.

Hawaii sophomore quarterback Byrant Moniz hustles from practice to deliver pizzas in order to support his young child. Meanwhile, the NCAA and the boosters from the school’s that make its elitist BCS bowls get pampered in parades and line their pockets.

They keep the small guys down further by matching-up Boise State and TCU, the two teams who earned a spot against the big boys from power conferences.

Hiding behind the pageantry, they choose comfort over chaos and put Ohio State and Oregon together in the Rose Bowl.

No one will call out the fraud and corruption of the system when two fun-to-watch, athletic and hungry teams from mid-majors beat up on each other.

If the Horned Frogs beat the Broncos, or vice versa, everyone blinks.

But if TCU tops the Buckeyes in the Fiesta Bowl and Boise beats the Ducks in the Sugar Bowl, per se,  the banquet-served hors d’oeuvers for the bourgeois induce more heartburn the digestive.

G (has an upset stomach when he consumes the NCAA.)



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