Coveted Cove

Dear President Obama,

The revealing documentary “The Cove” exposed the Taiji, Japan dolphin massacres and should receive the ultimate prize for such great investigative journalism — meaningful social change.

The documentations revealed the animal rights violations in the secretive and bloody slaughter that is clandestinely approved by the Japanese government.

These vicious harvests are part of an estimated 23,000 dolphins killed in Japan each year without acknowledgement of the U.S., U.N., or its sanctioned committee on the subject, the International Whaling Commission.

Ric O’Barry, the former trainer of Flipper, saw how organizations such as Sea World were paying fishermen in Taiji, Japan up to $150,000 for one show dolphin that is plucked from the pack prior to slaughter.

O’Barry became an activist and recruited a team to expose the slaughter from different angles and senses. As Louie Psihoyosa of the Oceanic Preservation Society said “we wanted to catch something that would make people change.”

With suffocatingly brutal imagery, the documentary showed how hundreds of dolphins are corralled in nets, speared and left to bleed to death. Then, their mercury-laced meat is fed to ignorant school children in Japan.

This must change.

The documentary quotes Margaret Mead as saying, “Never ever depend on any governments or institutions to solve any problems. All social change comes from the passion of individuals.”

Mr. President, show that institutions that you lead can provoke social change. This is necessary for our ecosystem and as reward for stunning investigative journalism.



[Send a letter to President Obama like I did. Be the change. Text “dolphin” to 44144.]


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