My 5: Quito’s botanical garden

The abundance of great pictures in Latin America inspired a new photo features: My 5. Ok, fine, it’s a rip off of the cell phone commercials “My Fav 5” with Dwayne Wade and Charles Barkley, but the feature hopefully won’t be as annoying.
The first post will include five pics from Quito’s botanical garden. We haven’t left the capital city yet, but we’ve already been impressed with the natural habitat this country with ocean coast, mountains and jungle can offer.

This plant, about the size of large exercize ball, could be easily mistaken for an enormous dandelion ready to be blown.

These carnivorous plants lure the insects to the opening in their Christmas-stocking-shaped bodies and snap close for a "protein-filled" meal.

This flower, about the size of a male thumb nail, reminded Pessa of a seahorse. With the sea in mind, we thought the detailed white middle reminded us of coral...

This bouquet is, no lie, about the size of a ping-pong ball. After a brief Quito drizzle, you can see a few drops resting on a top flower.

Don't stick your finger in this one! ... Just kidding ... It won't gobble you up, but the tropical Amazon color and long branches will grab your attention.



One response to “My 5: Quito’s botanical garden

  1. Andy and Sarah,

    I have been reading your entries.
    Sounds like Quito is a lot of fun and very interesting. Pictures are amazing.

    Love you both,


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