Who needs the Galapagos Islands?


Penguins on the equator are only a short plane ride away, but Pessa and I, unfortunately, will probably not get to the Galopagos Islands during this trip.

The reason is budget, and was known prior to our six-month trip to Latin America, but it´s closer than it will likely ever be. Moreso, I wanted to make the two scientists in my family extremely jealous.

Oh well, I´ve seen Charles Darwin´s golden finches here on the Pacific coast of Ecuador, and I´ve fed bananas to a 102-year-old tourtise named Miquelito. Who needs the islands where evolution was first discovered, right?



7 responses to “Who needs the Galapagos Islands?

  1. Awesome turtle shot! You guys are making me jealous.

  2. I’m jealous, too. Even the turtle is smiling.

  3. I hope Pessa tried to ride it.

  4. define “discovered”?

  5. This is soooo cool. You two look great.

  6. Unquote” Darwin: “The naturalist, looking at the inhabitants of these volcanic islands in the Pacific, distant several hundred miles from the continent, yet feels that he is standing on american land…Here almost every product of the land and water bears he unmistakable stamp of the American continent.”
    Charles Darwin,
    The Origin of Species 1859

    I am truly jealous, take it in with lots of photos. I want to be able to imagine myself their through your images.

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