My 5: Cerro Seco


The Cerro Seco Biological Reserve fits the concept of bioregionalism, an area that has wild regions near urban ones.

Cerro Seco begins less than two miles south of Bahia. The goal is to extend the reserve to the nearest southern town of San Clemente. If so, the reserve would include La Gorda, the location of Ramon´s bungaloo.

We hiked an hour to reach a remote beach. Here´s My 5:

The bamboo homes to the left are in Orlando´s neighborhood of Bella Vista. Bahia is the skyscraper-lined peninsula in the middle.

Ramon. Pessa. Orlando. Two Machetes.

A massive spider made us shift our path, and created some interesting perspectives for photos. Orlando (above); Sam (below).

Every seen burnt orange mushrooms before? Yeah, didn´t think so.



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