My 5: Cajas


Parque Nacional Cajas is only 30 kilometers outside of Cuenca, but it took us about six hours to get to the mountain park and about two hours to get back to the city.

(The delays were a combination of a daydreaming bus conductor and road construction that turned a two-way mountain pass into one-way slog.)

Considering we spent an hour in the park and still found the trip memorable and worthwhile tells you how amazing we thought it was. 

The following My 5 are from the hour-long hike around Laguna Toredor. 

These tiny plants were the spongy floor we hiked on.

Also on the ground were these pin wheel gems — in Cyclone colors to boot.

This creepy tree is the Polylepis. It grows at the highest altitude of any tree in the world. 


 Laguna Toreador had a number of small streams running into it from the mountain peaks, but nothing as strong as this one. The Polylepis growing out of the tree horizontally certainly added to the shot.

For those scoring at home, and that makes two of you, that is six pics in the My 5 for two straight posts. Yes, I can count, but I don’t want to make tough decisions. These posts could easily be the My 15.



One response to “My 5: Cajas

  1. Awesome! Wish we were along for the adventure.

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