My 9: Monkeys

PUYO, Ecuador

Tungurahua’s spit of volcanic ash pushed us out of that dense Andes air and into the sea-level jungle climate of this sprawling city – a city with monkeys on the outskirts.

Last Tuesday’s field trip starred: Poncho the Spider Monkey who used his gangly arms to craw up into mine; the thirsty Squirrel Monkey that slurped down our Mandarin orange; the Wholly Monkey that curled his tail up on my shoulder during our hike; the varieties off all three that used Pessa as a jungle gym.

Sixty-five orphaned or donated monkeys at this rescue and recuperation outpost made this a My 9 favorite snapshots.

Consider it my birthday toast to all those that wished me well today.

When animals attack

One eager Squirrel Monkey got a little feisty and latched onto my finger.

No worries. I didn’t contract the Eboli Virus, like in the movie ¨Outbreak.¨ The monkeys are screened before arrival and are clear of diseases. (At least I´m crossing my bloody fingers.)

They just want to play (with Pessa´s hair).



3 responses to “My 9: Monkeys

  1. In one photo, I couldn’t tell if it was the monkey’s tail or that mass of hair on your face. Also, sweet Pessa and monkey photos = priceless.

  2. Andy. Sounds like I missed your b-day. I hope it was a happy one!!!!!!

    How’s the visa saga going?

  3. I love lil’ minkies! Awesome!

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