Mum(ford) is the word

The day the music died for me was when my iPod hard drive froze last spring in Patagonia, Argentina. From that point, this already music laggard ceased to listen to anything much less anything “new.”

That was beginning to change — or so I thought — when Keith Stone of fame from our road trip out west sat down and ripped me Mumford and Sons.

Listening to them in the car felt somewhat like an epiphany. Like I was in on something. (It was easily my first new disc in about a year.)

A quick search turned up the fact that these four Brits have been together since 2007, and two of their hits have a combined 20 million YouTube hits.

OK. Fine. I’m painfully still a laggard, but at least there’s some new (to me) music to be had.

I believe it’s important to listen to this song alone, at night, in your car. Scream along. It’s cathartic.

This is a much better video. …

This one’s pretty good, too. …

More banjo, please!



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