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My shit is stuff!

The military industrial congressional complex showed its pull is location, location, location.

russ-feingold1U.S. Senator Russ Feingold, D-Wis., who voted against the 2003 Iraq war resolution, has succumbed to the complex. Once one of the staunchest critics of the war, Feingold trumpeted $37 million economic stimulus dollars Sunday for improvements to Army facilities in his home state.

 As George Carlin once said about earmarks, “Your stuff is shit. My shit is stuff!

When money is spent on military issues in your state and employs your constituents, it, duh, becomes harder to vote against expanding and growing militaristic endeavours. Granted, it’s difficult for politicians to disagree with job creation and retention, but overarching morality should trump the pervasive nature of “national defense.”