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‘Law’ isn’t justice

Yesterday’s “unlawful enemy combatant” is today’s “law of war” detainee.

Yesterday was Bush; today is Obama.

President Obama has addressed many crucial  and negative aspects of the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba prison camp — such as beginning to bring some prisoners to trial and deporting others — but “several dozen” prisoners will still not have charges filed against them when the prison soon relocates to Illinois.

Like Bush’s “unlawful enemy combatant”  name for prisoners, Obama’s “law of war” detainee is simply repackaging. In both cases, the powers that be believe the detainees are ineligible for prosecution and too dangerous for release.

One question: If Khalid Sheikh Mohammed can be tried in a U.S. court, why can’t the guys that didn’t plan the 9/11 terrorist acts be tried in a court of law?

Apparently, just because it says “law” in the title, that doesn’t make it a justice.

“The only thing that President Obama is doing with this announcement [of Gitmo closing] is changing the ZIP code of Guantanamo,” Thom Parker, Amnesty International USA policy director, told the New York Times.

These Gitmo actions are another example of Obama being just a better — not great — president.



Swine of the Week: T-Paw

With a fist full of mud and an arm cocked and ready to fire, Tim Pawlenty let er rip into Swine of the Week infamy!

On his not-so-veiled presidential campaign trip to Iowa last weekend, the Minnesota Governor was nothing but a lowly mud-slinging politician.

T-Paw, who didn’t have time for a special Legislative session to address health care in his own state, instead took pot shots at President Obama.

“My goodness, unless you’re a Guantanamo detainee they can’t even get us in a reasonable time a vaccine for the H1N1 virus,” Pawlenty said. “How are they going to manage our health care?”

The utmost problem with T-Paw’s jab: It was incorrect. When he said it, detainees at Guantanamo Bay did not receive flu shots nor were they in line to, said Obama press secreatary Robert Gibbs in the week before T-Paw’s rant.

That somewhat changed Tuesday with the Petagon announcement of 300 vaccines destined for Cuba. However, they will not even cover the base’s soldiers and health care workers, much less its detainees, who are last in line.

Whatever. The point is that when Pawlenty ignores the facts, he looks like a further farce.