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Secrecy might be secondary

The disclosure of documents on the lawless practices of the Bush administration era on Monday was a breath of fresh air in a suffocating stream of the Obama administration siding with its predecessor.

Attorney General Eric Holder disclosed 10 opinions, including rendition and suspensions of free speech and warrantless searches. The Obama administration, however, withheld the worst opinions and didn’t distance itself from the principles of the Bush crooks. [Last week, the Tank railed against Obama’s team here.]

From the Washington Post: “The new batch of opinions does not include any repudiated by the Obama administration or reflect a government shift on the underlying legal issues since Bush’s departure. They also do not include the most controversial memos that Democratic lawmakers and human rights experts have been asking to see for several years, including those justifying the CIA’s use of harsh interrogation techniques and the National Security Agency’s program to surveil certain Americans without warrants.”