When good enough just ain’t good enough

As a fan of the pesky Minnesota Twins, I should be grateful. The Twinstripers are hanging on in the playoff hunt while there are more than 20 teams playing irrelevant games right now.

But I’m thinking big picture.

I want them to lose out and extend their drought without a division title to a decade-long three years.

If they eek it out and win the Central Division with a patchwork lineup against the Detroit Tigers, the front office will be vindicated that their piecemeal approach works.

If they somehow get to the postseason, they will be painfully exposed by the Yankees in yet another one-and-done October trip.  If that happens, they enter the offseason, looking back and saying, “We did it with Carl Pavano, Matt Tolbert, Nick Punto and Delmon Young. We will get some pitchers healthy … and we don’t have to change a thing. We were only a few breaks away.” 

The front office has said that in the past. “If only we had some luck with Tony Batista. If we only had a rabbit’s foot with Mike Lamb.”

I’m hoping for wins coming from losses.



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